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Selway Group emus sifra of internationalis vocamus centers ad negotiati customers olle consectoamus celse quality, economical outsourcing apparities ad North americanus customers . These centers sumus located in sex dissensus countries, adque can provide inbound tier 1 adque tier 2 customer services, technicus firmamen adque outbound telemarketing .

But, primarily, company has developed leading edge communications networks ad applicamus vocamus centers inexpensively adque com exceptionally celse adjunctum ad their users adque customers . The evolution of those telecommunications technologies emus imus Selway ad become wholesale provider of longiturnus apstantia network apparities using amb TDM (voice) adque VoIP network apparities .

Selway est regulated advector (U .S . FCC 499-a carrier) olle defero network apparities loco amb TDM (voice) adque VoIP carriage, com Cisco-based switching from its facilities located in novus eboracum urbs metro area . The company originates adque terminates traffic using these Codecs: G729 (G729r8 adque G729Br8 Annex A adque B), G723, G711, adque T38 .

Selways VoIP adque TDM vox apparities include wholesale adque advector networks adque switching; internationalis trunking access; backroom wholesale VoIP apparities loco ISPs adque alius interret providers; genimena/ia deformati adque tailored loco internationalis hospitium markets, including specialty in providing country-to-country longiturnus apstantia adque faxing apparities . in addition, we assist callers who imus imus vel credit card vocamus domestically adque ad plus than 196 countries . Selway features wholesale exercens services, subministrati its OSP adque hospitium customers VoIP interfaces, TDM adque 800 interfaces, adque multiplicabilis of billing adque switching opties .

Selway defero network apparities including familiaris DID access, DID access in 50 dissensus countries, T1 adque dioryz proboscis groups loco amb TDM adque VOIP access domestically, adque in eodem countries, prepaid mutatrum platforms, adque all Cisco-based network . They provide sorbillamus access those eodem 50 countries, via situalis DIDs vel gateleia expedius numbers, com proboscises olle can contractamus inter 2 adque 500 concurrent vocamus from eodem DID vel proboscis group of DIDs, from eodem rusticus . It typically receives traffic via sorbillamus vel TDM protocol, adque terminates on eodem apparities . It cervae defero T38 faxing protocols .

In communitas com Pacific vituus Chamber of Commerce, Selway Group has idos Pacific vituus Tel, longiturnus apstantia provider of celse adjunctum telephonum genimena/ia deformati specialiter loco Pacific vituus countries olle include austus/er East Asia, China, Pacifica, austus/er adque latius America, adque North america .

Access ad Pacific vituus Tel network est available through situalis telephonum sifrae in omnis rusticus (simply dial situalis sifra adque youve ebamus Pacific vituus Tel network, secundus dial sifra tu wish, usquam in world) . The network est also available through your VoIP phones, IP PBX, vel ordinatrum malacus telephonamus (download expedius malacus phone) olle imus tu ad access network from quicquam interret conexuus on terra .

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